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An Honest Review of Coach Prime Sunglasses

Updated: Apr 18

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through them. This does not affect the cost of the product for you. I only recommend products I believe in and use myself.

Coach Prime Buzz is stampeding through the Front Range, and arguably, the Nation. With Buff football finally offering something more than an excuse to drink and Deion Sanders bringing his own style and pazazz, its no wonder that everyone wants a bit of Prime style themselves.

You may be asking yourself: what is Deion Sanders’ sunglasses brand of choice? Luckily, we found them for you: Blenders. There’s only one problem, the iconic Blenders Prime 21 sunglasses that have become a staple of gameday are pre-order only, with the expectation of your gameday drip not being delivered until December.

Not to worry, the Blenders Millennia X2 which are identical (apart from the colorway and Prime icon in the top corner of the glasses) are available for standard shipping, meaning you could be ready to flash your individual Prime style by the next game if you make the right plays. Read on for my official review of the sunglasses that Coach Prime has made a staple this season.

My Coach Prime Sunglasses Experience

I recently purchased the Millenia X2 in the colorway Sage Cage. I personally appreciate being able to pick my own color and put an individual twist on Coach Prime’s style and there are 16 colorways outside of the Prime 21 line to choose from.

Personally, I prefer the Sage Cage over the Prime 21s. They are slightly more subtle than the shiny gold or shiny black variety that Deion himself wears. If you’re still trying to match Deion’s flashy style, there are actually two color options that match the Prime 21’s fairly well. Specifically, the Mojave Mirage (gold) and Nocturnal Q X2(black) make for excellent substitutes. This is especially important if you’re trying to rock these shades before football season is over!

Checking out my new Millenia X2 Sage Green Sunglasses


The quality of these glasses are excellent as they have a solid build and substantial weight throughout all of the components and plastic casing. The arms don’t flex outward, but the metal hinge seems far beefier than equivalent Ray Ban pairs that I own. The lenses are fairly dark on the pair I ordered, which will be great for keeping my eyes relaxed while watching football from the sunny side of the stadium.

You can certainly see the polarization in the lenses when you look directly back at the glasses with a lit screen behind them; this is a test I sometimes use. The metal accents and Blenders logo also appear to be of higher quality than if they were printed in plastic. Overall, I would give the glasses an 8/10 based on quality. I have not yet taken them fishing or biking, which will be a step up in sun-blocking and vision testing.


These shades come in two options: polarized vs. non-polarized. Being in Colorado and often dealing with mountain sun or snow glare, the polarized option was a no-brainer, coming in at just $10 more than the non-polarized version. Therefore, my purchase came to $69 before taxes. Shipping is free if you spend more than $50. Considering competitor brands such as Oakley or Ray Ban can run well upwards of $100, I see this as a relatively good price for an up-and-coming brand. Plus, Standard USPS Ground Advantage shipping was included, and my order arrived in just 5 business days. You will have the option to upgrade to expedited shipping upon checkout.

However, if you purchase sunglasses using our link here, you’ll receive 10% off site-wide! This brings your new Coach Prime Sunglasses to $62.10 before taxes and shipping! You could have them before our next game!

Sage Green Millenia X2 Sunglasses with case and packaging

Get Your Coach Prime Sunglasses for the Next Big Game

If you’ve been hopeful to pick up a pair of the record-selling Coach Prime sunglasses that everyone’s talking about, I would absolutely recommend picking up a pair of the Millennia X2’s before the season is over and the weather turns cold. You'll be impressed with the quality and comfort, and you’ll be looking like Coach Prime before 95% of everyone else out there. In addition, you will receive 10% off your order if you use our link below!

Functionality Meets Style

Founded by a surfer from the beaches of San Diego, Blenders prides itself on creating sunglasses oriented towards outdoor enthusiasts. This means they offer a wide selection of styles curated for activities such as cycling, volleyball, skiing, and more! That said, the Millennia X2's may be more fashion-oriented than other models, such as the Saturn Cloud. However, during my grueling 20-mile mountain bike ride, they withstood the test and exceeded my already high expectations for performance sunglasses. The arms of the sunglasses held steady on the sides of my head, eliminating the need for croakies. I didn't have to worry about them falling off my head while riding over large boulders or jarring tree roots. The only downside here was that they eventually made the sides of my head sore after approximately 3 hours of continuous use. I have a particularly large head (I wear Large size helmets), so this may not be a problem for everyone. In addition, the polarization kept my eyes relaxed all day, and the large field of vision meant that I could always see the trail ahead of me with ease. So whether you're going for a ride, playing volleyball, or heading to the Buff's tailgate, you won't go wrong wearing the Coach Prime sunglasses!

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