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Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Are you ready to take your skiing to the next level?

After talking to friends and family who know their way around gnarly terrain, ColoradBros has compiled a list of top performing big mountain skis. Hear directly from each athlete about what they look for in a ski and how it has improved their performance. I can personally guarantee that these skis excel in a diverse range of conditions, from cutting through crud to dropping into waist deep pow, these skis have been tested time after time. As you can see from the photos below, the friends and family who ride each model absolutely shred. Make sure to check out what ski is their top pick and more awesome content on their Instagram’s!

1. Faction Prodigy 2.0Stuart Edgerly Width: 96 mm Core/Laminate: Poplar Beech Wood Core Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker Turning radius: Medium (19 m)

Stu throwing down on his pair of Factions

Stuart Edgerly absolutely shreds, and the Faction Prodigy simply matches his style. The 96 mm waist means that this ski excels on the hardpack and in the pow. Its directional shape still allows you to charge, yet a full twin tip allows for switch landings. The possibilities are endless with a ski as versatile as this one and If you’re a freeride skier who likes to be rotating or inverted, this is the ski for you. Stu proves this daily and will only be spotted in brief glimpses this winter as he rips past you.

2. Blizzard Rustler 11Cam Dudiak Width: 110 – 116 mm (length dependent) Core/Laminate: Multi-Layer ISO Poplar Beech Balsa Paulownia Woodcore Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker Turning radius: Long (15 – 23 m)

Cam Dudiak laying down S turns on the Blizzard Rustlers

Colorado native, Cam Dudiak now skis the sharp slopes of Montana and his weapon of choice is the Blizzard Rustler 11. This ski perfectly accompanies his aggressive style. It is a stable charging ski that tapers on the tip and tail to stay light-weight and agile. The tail is also flatter than its cousin, The Blizzard Gunsmoke which substantially increases its maneuverability. With a width that grows proportionately to its length, the Rustler was engineered to perfection. Ridden by two athletes on The Freeride World Tour, we’re sure that there’s no mountain that this ski can’t handle. Look for Athlete Cam Dudiak shredding these sticks at Bridger Bowl this winter.

3. Blizzard CochiseKeenan Hursh Width: 108 mm Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker Turning Radius: Long (23-29 m)

Keenan dropping in on the Blizzard Cochise

This ski is an excellent choice for all condition types. As Keenan puts it, “It’s a very stiff directional ski that comes in the perfect all Mountain width! Great for any conditions and shreds powder as well.” This is a superb ski on any day of the week. Providing stability at all speeds and conditions, the Conchise is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an everyday big mountain ski. It consistently wins awards in the all-mountain expert category. Elevate your performance and order a pair for yourself today.

4. Fischer Ranger 108TiTai Koester Width:108 mm Core/Laminate: Carbon, metal, wood Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker Turning Radius: Medium (19 m)

Tai finding float on his Fisher Rangers

Ever been disappointed you don’t have your powder skis with you? With the Fisher Ranger, you will never have that feeling again. At 108 mm underfoot, this ski offers exceptional performance even when the snow keeps falling. As athlete Tai Koester put it, “this ski is stiff, predictable, and versatile in most snow conditions. Everything you want when you’re not sure what nature is going to throw at you. A generous width underfoot still keeps it floating on deeper days.” The combination of 3 materials within the ski also aids in the versatility. Don’t hesitate to ride this ski out-of-bounds or in the back-country. Tai seems to demonstrate the ski’s best qualities in the photo above where he is floating across some fatty Canadian pillows (ooo so comfy).

5. Faction Candide 5.0Jackson Breen Width: 122 mm Core/Laminate: Balsa, flax, wood Rocker Type: Rocker/Flat/Rocker Turning radius: Long (25 m)

Jackson stomping a powder landing on the Faction Candide 5.0

There is a commonality between skiers who ride this ski and it’s that they LOVE to be airborne. Stiff as a board and retaining a classic shape, this ski makes stable landings effortless. Having been designed by Mr. Thovex himself, it is no surprise that this model maintains stability while cruising at ridiculous speeds. Athlete, Jackson Breen describes its performance perfectly. “This ski is very stiff and aggressive making it perfect for stomping big landings and giving it a surprising edge hold, also with a long turn radius it’s meant for opening it up and charging down the mountain, but because of its 0 camber and softer tail(still very stiff) it remains buttery, playful, and quick.” Due to a limited release of this ski and high demand, I linked this post to last year’s model. The ski retains most of its characteristics year after year.

6. Faction Candide 3.0Tyler Murrel Width: 108 mm Core/Laminate: Balsa, Flax, Metal, Wood Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Subtle Rocker Turning radius: Long (20 m)

Tyler launching in competition on the Candide 3.0

More versatile than the Candide 5.0 model, this ski is perfect for all-mountain conditions. It has enough rocker to float in the powder, but also enough flex to cut tighter turns on the hardpack. My friend Tyler rides this ski with style like you’ve never seen, easily floating rotation off anything. These boards are also equipped with full twin tips for those who often ride or land backwards.

7. Nordica EnforcerEditors Pick Width: 100 mm Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber/Rocker Turning Radius: Medium (15-20 m)

The editors of ColoradBro have selected the Nordica Enforcer as our favorite big mountain ski of the year. With an underfoot width of 100 mm take this ski anywhere on the mountain without sacrificing performance. The flat tail and carbon reinforced chassis means that you can count on every turn and will feel stable on the steepest and gnarliest lines. You’ll also be able to make tight turns in colours because of the side-cut. The Enforcer continues to improve each year and we really like the 2019 version, especially at a discounted price!

Don Martin makes a telemark turn through the pow on his Nordica Enforcers

There are hundreds of big mountain skis out there, but our team at ColoradBro is quite sure that these skis won’t disappoint. Share skiing photos with us on Instagram for a chance to be featured @colorad_bros and let us know what you will be skiing this winter in the comments below!

Start the snow dance!

The Bros at ColoradBro

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