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The Best Boards for River Surfing

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

In case you haven’t heard, you no longer need a $100,000 wake boat to ride waves in Colorado. Inland surfers have now innovated new ways to harness the power of rivers and Colorado happens to have several of the best locations in the country where you can hang 10. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just getting started, these boards will keep you wanting more all summer long.

7. California Board Company- 6” Slasher Surfboard

California Board Company has become a staple among river surfing communities as they perform equally as well in the river as they do in the ocean. The Slasher surfboard, a soft-top board, is adaptable to a large variety of riders and rider styles wanting an introduction to the sport. Lightweight,durable, and packaged with a detachable lease, this board guarantees you get your money’s worth with a price point of only $150.

6. Obrien- 4’8” Ally Wakesurfer

A hardtop board with a soft-top price? Yup! At just $250 this board rivals it’s higher end competitors. The Ally Wakesurfer is highly maneuverable due to its relatively small size, but it also retains buoyancy due to its foam rails. These rails also protect the board from dings and scratches, increasing its durability. We cannot recommend this board enough to surfers who are looking to transition from a soft-top to a hardtop for the first time.

5. Scott Burke- 5’2″ Fish Soft Surfboard

If you’re looking for a soft top board that won’t compromise performance, then this is the board for you. This high-performance board performs like it’s made of epoxy and is best prepared for a fast-flowing wave. With three fins and a detachable polyurethane leash all at the bargain price of $160, you won’t find many other deals like this.

4. Lost Surfboards- Puddle Jumper

The Puddle Jumper shreds on both the ocean and the river making it a great choice for surfers who frequent the coast. It is best suited for large fast-moving rivers such as the world-class wave located in Glenwood Springs. Carving like a madman comes easy on this board due to its straight rails and ‘V’ shaped tail. At $650, we recommend this board to experienced riders who are comfortable in big wake and looking to invest in the sport.

3. Badfish Wavo Inflatable

This board has the stability of a longboard, while maintaining the maneuverability of a shortboard. It's Badfish's take on a classic ocean shaped board, intended for river surfing! Like most inflatable boards, the Wavo is lightweight at just 17 lbs and a bouyancy capable of carrying as much as 240 lbs. Did we mention it's on sale for just $499?!

2. Softech- 5’6” Mason Twin FCS II Surfboard

The Mason Twin blurs the difference between soft and hardtop surfboards boasting high-performance while also reaping all the benefits of a soft top. Pack this lightweight board for a road trip without worrying it will be damaged easily. At a compelling price of only $265 this beautiful surfboard is well worth the investment. Plus, it looks sexy too.

1. Badfish- 5’9” SUP Inflatable SK8 River Surfing Surf Board

Badfish designed this board specifically for the river, making it maneuverable, stable, and grippy. The short and maneuverable design is complimented by the buoyancy of this board being entirely inflatable. The Badfish SK8 was carefully engineered to perform in all river conditions and flow rates. We believe that the higher price of $800 is well worth this radical river board!

If you would like to learn more about the Colorado river surfing revolution, visit See you on the water!

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