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Things Every Colorado Dog Owner Should Own

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Whether you’re a long time owner or a new puppy parent, ColoradBro is here to help you and your dog have even more fun outside. From the best leashes to tasty treats, make sure that your pup stays happy and healthy this winter! With the holidays right around the corner, you can’t forget a new surprise for your beloved companion. The items below are perfect for all dogs who enjoy Colorado as much as we do!

Colorado is one dry state, so it’s always important to always stay hydrated! We recognize that our animals can also suffer from dehydration, especially when hiking. Make sure that your pup stays well hydrated and well fed with this set of collapsable dog bowls. They are lightweight and easily transportable, making them a must have for any colorado dog owner.

This TUG leash can be your daily driver when it comes to walking your dog because it is adaptable to any environment. This leash is a best seller and is appropriate for any dog. You can shorten the leash when there are obstacles nearby, or lengthen the cord to allow your dog more freedom on hikes. If you don’t already own one of these leashes, we’re sure that you need one.

We know that you’re walking your dog this winter. Snowy and icy surfaces can cause frostbite and painful cuts on the paws of your friend. The salt and de-icing chemicals found on roadways can also be toxic. To protect against this, we recommend these amazon best-selling booties that will protect your K9 from these types of injuries. These waterproof and reflective booties are perfect for highly active dogs that will need traction this winter while walking.

If your dog has already suffered from a paw injury or commonly has cracked paws, we recommend applying some paw balm. Our favorite is ruff relief balm which has proven effective on our own pups time after time and is USDA certified organic. It can also be used to relieve dogs suffering from a dry nose.

Tired of carrying all of your dog’s gear on long hikes or runs? Make them carry their own weight with the Outward Hound doggie daypack. This saddlebag-style design is perfect for your everyday needs with your dog. The four expandable pockets offer plenty of space for food, water, waste bags, etc. but is designed to keep your pup comfortable with even weight distribution. The pack also has a D-ring leash clip on the back, allowing for the pack to act as a harness. Our close friend, Morganne Dodds highly recommends this product and says that it works great when hiking 14ers. Go further with this outward hound pack, proven safe and durable by many active dogs and their owners before you.

Treats can be an essential tool for controlling your dog on the trail. Our favorites are the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Trail Toppers because dogs absolutely LOVE them and because of the lightweight packs that are great for on-the-go. Made from all-natural meats such as salmon, beef, chicken, and duck, they are sure to get your dogs appetite up and running. As an added plus, these treats are made in the U.S. and contain no corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors or preservatives. These are truly some hipster dog treats, but we’re fairly certain they will satisfy the needs of you and your beloved pup!

If you like to bike with your dog, it’s important to have a proper leash to keep both you and your dog safe while on the go. A leash with a bit of elasticity is optimal for biking because it allows your dog to stay far enough away from you without pulling you over. We prefer this leash because it works well on a bicycle and won’t break the bank. Also, this leash isn’t constrained to biking and can make for a great day-to-day walking leash.

8. Premium Vest For Dogs

Colorado winters can be brutal for you and your dog. Even though they already have a fur coat of their own, makes sure your dog stays warm this winter in a Carhartt vest. Made from tough nylon, this jacket is built to go anywhere your dog goes without wearing down. If you like to wear Carhartt clothing, chances are that your dog will too!

Colorado is home to many recreational water sports including rafting, boating, fishing, river surfing, and so many more! We don’t think you should have to leave your furry friends at home for these activities. Make sure your pup is prepared for their first day on the water with the most stylish life jacket on the market. Not only will your dog stay safe, but they will also look like the cutest fish in the sea!

Finn loving the lake life!

We hope this list makes you a more versatile dog owner. Now get out there and enjoy!

– The Bros at Coloradbro

As an Amazon affiliate, our team at Coloradbros earns from qualifying purchases

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