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Pre-Game Eats and Buzz: Your Guide to Bites Near Ball Arena

Updated: Apr 25

Heading to Ball Arena? Here Are the Best Pre-Game Spots in Denver

Hats on the ice at a Colorado Avalanche game after Nathan MacKinnon scores a hat trick.

Attending a Denver Nuggets or Colorado Avalanche game at Ball Arena is an experience filled with excitement. However, the rush to fit in dinner while ensuring you arrive on time for player walkouts can be stressful. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite spots in Denver to grab a bite or enjoy a drink before cheering on your favorite Mile High sports teams. With over 60 games under my belt at Ball Arena, trust me when I say skipping dinner or drinks beforehand might lead to overpriced, mediocre options inside the arena.

Illegal Pete’s - Keep it Simple, Silly

For a quintessential Denver pre-game experience, Illegal Pete’s tops the list. Founded right here in Colorado, this local gem boasts 14 locations across the state, including one conveniently situated on 16th Street Mall, just an 8-minute walk from Ball Arena. With a counter-style setup reminiscent of Chipotle but offering far tastier fare, Illegal Pete’s serves up some of the best nachos in Denver. Don’t miss out on their 'Sound Check' promotion, which treats customers headed to any local event with a free drink alongside their entree purchase. Whether you opt for a potent margarita or a local brew, remember to show appreciation to the bartenders who keep the vibe alive.

ReinHaus - A Beer Lover’s Dream

If you’re a fan of German beer and hearty fare, ReinHaus is your go-to spot. Located just 7 minutes from the arena on Market Street, this establishment offers an extensive selection of brews, including the iconic boot of hefeweisen. Pair your beer with traditional German dishes like brats and sauerkraut for a truly immersive pre-game experience. Despite its popularity, you can still grab a drink even when it’s crowded, making it an ideal stop before heading to the game.

Bao Brewhouse - Timely and Trendy Asian Fusion

For those craving Asian flavors before the game, Bao Brewhouse delivers a trendy pre-game bite just a street south of ReinHaus. With the convenience of ordering via QR code, you can ensure a timely dining experience without compromising on quality. From exquisite cocktails to Asian beers and a diverse menu featuring potstickers, noodle and rice dishes, and of course, bao, there’s something for every palate. Plus, it’s only an 8-minute walk to the arena, making it a convenient choice for pre-game indulgence.

Brooklyn’s - For the Terminally Late (and Hungry)

Located within close proximity to the arena, Brooklyn’s offers a classic sports bar experience with two full bars and a lively atmosphere. Despite the crowds, you can still snag a drink at the bar or enjoy the outdoor patio on pleasant evenings. Indulge in their selection of canned beers and seltzers before heading inside to avoid the steep prices of drinks at Ball Arena. With friendly staff and a menu featuring burgers named after Colorado sports teams, Brooklyn’s is a reliable option for a quick pre-game meal.

We hope this guide helps you make the most of your pre-game experience before cheering on the Avs or Nuggets. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to share them in the comments below. We love hearing from fellow fans!

Disclaimer: This article was written by ColoradBro and expresses their own opinions. Fans are advised to check current promotions and offerings at the mentioned establishments.

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